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ACCOMODATIONS (Total 5 Results)

  • Gangneung Chodang Guesthouse

    Gangneung Chodang Guesthouse Gangneung Chodang Guesthouse is in the nearby Chodang Soon-doo-boo(Soft tofu) Village and Gyeong po beach. *4 BIG Festivals in Gangneung. 1. Sunrise Festival Gangneung, the city of magnificent sunrise, attracts tourists to Gyeongpo and Jeongdongjin, especial…

    Administrator 2016-03-30 10:39:51
  • Gangnam Guest House

    Gangnam Guest House is located in one of Seoul's most famous districts, Gangnam District. Gangnam Guest House promises to offer high quality accommodation services to all of their customers. ROOM RATES: 1. DORMITORY ROOM-women -4 people -low season: 40, 000 won/ person -high season: 46,…

    Administrator 2015-11-04 13:34:48
  • Guesthouse Gangnam

    Guesthouse Gangnam engages to offer high class services and a comfortable guesthouse for female customers ONLY. ROOM RATES 1. SINGLE ROOM -one bed -weekdays: USD 59/day -weekends: USD 69/day -USD 12/DAY is added for a 2nd person 2. TWIN ROOM -two beds - weekdays: USD 79/day/2 people -…

    Administrator 2015-11-04 11:35:54
  • MANGO guesthouse

    Welcome to Korea! Welcome to Mango Guest House on Hongdae(Hongik Univ) Street where you can enjoy exciting yongster cluture throught bars, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. Mango Guest House is located at the heart of above hottest places. You can reach to the every hot place in 6 minutes walk.…

    Administrator 2015-08-11 18:09:09
  • Orange Guesthouse

    We've just recreated Orange Guesthouse to support travelers with comfy beds and multiple meeting areas in historic three story house right next to Hongik University's best nightlife and restaurants, Free fruit, laundry, and breakfast are provided. We also have free WI-FI, multiple compu…

    Administrator 2015-08-11 17:58:46