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Community Korea is the #1 Social Network for the Foreigners’ Community in South Korea. Built as an online social platform, Community Korea shares the latest Events, Community (Forum, Learning Korea, Language Exchange, Korean Recipes), Job Postings, Buy/Sell Opportunities, Accommodations, Medical Services, Education Information, and a Directory to give our Members the full-experience living or visiting South Korea.

Community Korea is a global networking hub that helps you Connect, Communicate, and Interact with other Members from aroundthe world. Join Community Korea today and become a member to receive and share your photos, travel tips, experiences, questions, adventures, and stories related to Korea.

Privacy policy


I, with respect to KTO’s collection and use of personal information as mentioned above, hereby confirm and consent to the following:

① Purpose of collection and use
- Joining of the service and management of homepage
Confirming a person’s intent of joining the service; certifying member identity for the provision of membership services;
maintaining and managing membership eligibility; confirming member identity under the limited member identity confirmation system; preventing misconduct in the use of the service; confirming the consent of legal representative (guardian) when collecting personal information from children under 14 years of age; performing various notifications; etc.
- Handling of member’s opinions or complaints
Confirming the identity of members, filing opinions or complaints; confirming the content of opinions or complaints; performing notification for fact-finding; notifying the result of handling opinions or complaints; etc.
- Provision of goods or services
Providing services, contents or customized services; etc.
- Marketing and advertisement
Developing new services and providing customized services; providing information on events and advertisements and an opportunity to participate therein; providing services, posting advertisements, and fitting demographical characteristics; conducting academic research or market survey; confirming efficacy of services; discovering frequency of access or statistics on member’s use of the service; etc.

② Items collected
- Mandatory items: Name, nickname, e-mail address, password, country of origin, applicable KTO branch, country of residency
- Optional items: blog and SNS URLs, profile photos

③ Period of use: From joining the service to withdrawing therefrom
* A person that does not consent to the collection and use of personal information may be restricted from joining the service.

④ Outsourcing of personal information processing

KTO can process personal information to an external specialist firm to provide smoother and better performance of our services. Such a firm may be replaced, and in such case, the name of the replacing firm will be posted on the notice screen or the personal information processing policy screen.

Outsourcing firm Outsourced work Information to be processed by the outsourcing firm Period of using personal information Prain Global Co., Ltd. Joining of the service and management of homepage, handling of members’ opinions or complaints, provision of goods or services, and marketing and advertisement Information entered at time of joining the service or created during use of service Until member’s withdrawal from service or end of outsourcing contract

Terms of services



Article 1 Purposes

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) are made to specifically provide for the matters with respect to registration and use, and other necessary matters between buzz KOREA service (the “Service”) provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (the “KTO”) and the Members using the Service.

Article 2 Definitions

The terms used herein shall have the following meanings:

“Member” means a user who agrees to these Terms and Conditions and uses the Service.

“blog” means the blog of the Member that the Member registers by entering an blog address.

“Contract for Use” means the contract entered into between the KTO and the registered Member with respect to the use of the Service.

“Collection” means collecting information by using the blog address of the registered blog and storing a copy of such information in the KTO’s servers.

“Data” and “Message” mean the information and the posted message, respectively, collected by using the blog address of the blog.

“Operator” means the person appointed by the KTO for overall management and smooth operation of the Service.

“Termination” means termination of the Contract for Use either by the KTO or by the Member.

Article 3 Effectiveness and Amendment of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall take effect when they are publicly notified online through the Service and accepted by the Member.
In addition, if there occurs a reasonable basis for amendment of these Terms and Conditions, the KTO may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent of not violating applicable laws and regulations. The amended Terms and Conditions shall take effect immediately upon their being publicly notified online through the Service. The Member shall regularly visit the Service and check amendments to the Terms and Conditions. The KTO shall not be liable for any damage to the Member caused by the Member’s non-awareness of any amendment to the Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if an amendment to the Terms and Conditions is disadvantageous to the Members, the KTO shall make a separate notice to the Members of such amendment via email or consent window, etc. If the Member does not express its opposition to such amendment within [30 days] from the date of notice, such Member shall be deemed to have consented to the amendment.

If the Member does not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions, the Member may request withdrawal of his/her membership (the “Termination”).


Article 4 Effectiveness of Contract for Use

The Contract for Use shall take effect when a registered Member agrees to these Terms and Conditions and applies for use of the Service, and the KTO accepts such application.

A person who intends to register as a Member and use the Service shall express his/her intention to agree to these Terms and Conditions by reading the Terms and Conditions and clicking the button stating “I Agree” (or any other button with the same meaning) located below the Terms and Conditions when he/she applies for registration with the Service.

The Member shall be fully and solely responsible for any damage that may be caused by his/her failure to read these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5 Application for Use of Service

A person who intends to register as a Member and use the Service shall provide the basic information (name, email and blog address, etc.) requested by the KTO.

Article 6 Acceptance of Application for Use and Suspension Thereof

The KTO shall, in principle, permit the use of the Service by the Members who have joined the Service in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 hereof in the order of receiving applications therefor unless there are operational or technical problems.

The KTO shall not permit the use of the Service in any of the following cases:

- In case where the information provided in an application is false;
- In case where the application is made using information of others;
- In case where an application is made in violation of any regulations or conditions for use established by the KTO including, but not limited to, these Terms and Conditions.

In case of any of the following cases, the KTO may suspend acceptance of applications until the reason for suspension of acceptance is resolved:

- When it does not have sufficient facilities;
- When it has technical problems; or
- When it is difficult to accept applications due to other reasons.

Article 7 Protection and Use of Personal Information

The KTO shall use its best efforts to protect personal information of the Members including registration information as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations. Applicable laws and regulations and the KTO’s personal information protection policies shall apply to the protection and use of the personal information of the Members.

The KTO may use the information that the Members provided when they joined the Service in order to provide the Service and display sources of the Data, and shall display the relevant source as it was indicated by the Member.

The KTO shall not be liable for any disclosure of a user’s personal information made due to a reason attributable to the user.

The KTO may provide third parties with personal information of users such as names and email addresses, etc. in any of the following cases to the extent being permitted by law:

- In case where the KTO is requested to provide a user’s information by an investigative institution or other government agency on the ground that the user has violated applicable laws in using the Service;
- In case where it is necessary for protection of information such as verification of inappropriate acts including, but not limited to, a user’s violation of laws or these Terms and Conditions; or
- In other cases where it is required by law.


Article 8 KTO’s Obligations

The KTO shall not conduct any act prohibited by applicable laws or these Terms and Conditions and shall use its best efforts to provide the Service in a continuous and stable way as prescribed by the Terms and Conditions.

In order to provide the Service in a continuous and stable way, in case of disruptions in or destruction of facilities, the KTO shall repair or restore the facilities without delay unless there is an inevitable reason.

The KTO shall establish a security system and publicly notify and comply with its personal information protection policies so that the Members can use the Service safely.